Squeeze more capabilities out of your ILDA lasers!

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What Makes Laser Juice?

Freshness, variety and seasonal ingredients are important if you want the best tasting juice.

Virtual Analog Synthesis

Combine and modulate virtual analog waveforms to create patterns inspired by tracing a pendulum.

Audio Reactive

Each control can be mapped to audio input. Audio engine has high/mid/low bands with individual gain and velocity controls.

MIDI Input

Easily map the controls to your controller with click-to-learn functionality.

Rich Color

Unique color signal generator creates vibrant and complex color patterns.


Get Started with Laser Juice

Download v0.8.1 Getting Started

This fully functional demo runs for 20 minutes. Sign up for a free license.

Built with TouchDesigner

You will need Derivative TouchDesigner 088 or TouchPlayer to run Laser Juice. For hobbyist or non-commercial purposes, there is a free download to get started. For more advanced commercial applications, please refer to licensing terms here.

System Requirements
  • For laser output: Ether Dream (v1 or 2) or sound card based DAC.
  • Operating system: Microsoft Windows 7 and up or Apple macOS 10.11 and up
  • CPU: quad core i5 or similar, i7 is recommended.
  • GPU: 1gb GPU memory and Nvidia GeForce 600 series, AMD HD 7000 series, Intel HD4000 or better.

We are still testing Laser Juice, so please try out the demo and let us know your system specs and experiences.


About Us

Tim Greiser

Freelance software engineer with two decades experience, mostly building web and database applications. VJ, interactive media artist, creative coder and DJ based in Portland, OR.

Brenden Hierro

A registered member of AICHE and Chemical Engineer with 4+ years of experience in process design. Involved in the maker movement with 3D printing, analog circuitry, and laser technology.


Justin Wagner

Steering Committee

Justin inspired it all. His crazy ideas and infectious enthusiasm were larger than life. When we met him he was building lasers and putting on shows with a giant tesla coil. He loved Burning Man and used it as a stage to share his ideas and refined them with increasingly reality-defying results. He loved talking to people about their ideas, and challenging them to express those ideas in the biggest ways possible. His generosity with his art, time, kindness and encouragement touched many people in his various communities. Sadly Justin passed away in March of 2016. Laser Juice would not exist without Justin, and we strive to embody and celebrate that spirit that helped inspire and encourage us, and touched many others.